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Real Estate Law


Real estate transactions can be quite complicated to understand and often results in a number of legal issues leading to legal disputes. So, you need an experienced attorney on your side that not only understands the legal intricacies of real property laws, but also an attorney that understands the often even more complex nature of real estate transactions. As a licensed real estate broker for more than ____ years as well as practicing a real estate lawyer for more than ___ years, Alfred J. Verdi, of Verdi Law Group, P.C. has that experience. 

Although there are literally volumes of laws implemented to prevent and resolve potential legal issues, they are difficult to understand, even for real estate lawyers who do not possess the practical background that a real broker may have, let alone a novice who does not possess legal training. The failure to understand the complexities of real estate law often leads to expensive real estate disputes that continue to affect individuals and/or entities involved in various real estate transactions. Our office will help you with various real estate law related issues, ranging from, but not limited to:

✓ Foreclosure Defense                                       ✓ Judicial Foreclosures – Plaintiff & Defendants 

✓ Enforcement of Judgments/Liens                   ✓ Loan Modification Litigation 

✓Bankruptcy Filings and Negotiations               ✓ Quiet Title Litigation 

✓ Partition Actions                                            ✓ Habitability – Slumlord Litigation 

✓ Landlord-Tenant issues                                   ✓ Real Property Transactions 

✓ Purchase/Sale Disputes                                   ✓Real Property Transactions 

✓ Agent/Broker Misrepresentations                    ✓Easement/Boundary Disputes 

✓Appellate Litigation                                           ✓Adverse Possession 

✓Usury Laws Violations                                      ✓HOA Litigation 

✓ Construction Defects                                         ✓Predatory Lending Litigation 

✓ Eminent Domain                                                ✓Debt Negotiations/Collections